"Theory of the incompressible Navier-Stokes system and related topics".

Calais, March 9 and 10, 2017.


Thursday, 9 March:

9:45   M. Specovius: Time periodic solution of the Stokes system in a layer.

10:15   J. Saal: Some interesting behavior of the Stokes operator in L1 and L spaces.

10:45   Coffee break.

11:15   P. Wittwer: Supercriticality and Stokes' paradox: a progress report.

11:45   H. Al Baba: Maximal Lp-Lq regularity to the Stokes problem with Navier boundary conditions.

12:15   Lunch

14:00   R. Danchin: Strong solutions with discontinuous density for models of inhomogeneous flows.

14:30   J. Neustupa: On the structure of the set of stationary solutions to the equations of motion of a class of generalized Newtonian fluids.

15:00   C. Amrouche: Very weak estimates of vector potentials and application to the Magnetohydrodynamic equations.

15:30   Coffee break.

16:00   M. Pokorný: On the incompressible fluid model of electrically charged chemically reacting and heat conducting mixtures.

16:30   J. Monniaux: Trace problems related to the Navier-Stokes system in rough domains.

19:00   Dinner.

Friday, 10 March:

9:15   M. Hillairet: Regularity issues in fluid-structure problems.

9:45   T. Takahashi: Stabilization of a fluid-structure system.

10:15   A. Ghosh: Stokes equation with Navier boundary condition and some limiting case.

10:45   Coffee break.

11:15   N. Seloula: On the Navier-Stokes equations with damping.

11:45   F. Marbach: Global exact controllability of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation with Navier slip-with-friction boundary conditions.

12:15   Lunch.

14:00   M. Meslameni: Navier-Stokes equations in an exterior domain of IR3.

14:30   L. Brandolese: Characterization of solutions to Navier-Stokes with sharp algebraic decay.

15:00   Š. Nečasová: The Navier-Stokes-Fourier system with slip boundary conditions in time dependent domain.

15:30   Coffee break.

16:00   M. Caggio: Inviscid incompressible limits for rotating fluids.

16:30   D. Iftimie: Vanishing obstacle in a viscous incompressible fluid.

19:00   Dinner.

List of participants.

H. Al Baba (Pau)

C. Amrouche (Pau)

L. Brandolese (Lyon)

M. Caggio (Ferrara)

R. Danchin (Paris)

P. Deuring (Calais)

A. Ghosh (Pau)

Jiao He (Lyon)

M. Hillairet (Montpellier)

D. Iftimie (Lyon)

F. Marbach (Paris)

M. Meslameni (Sfax)

S. Monniaux (Marseille)

Š. Nečasová (Prague)

J. Neustupa (Prague)

S. Nicaise (Valenciennes)

P. Penel (Toulon)

M. Pokorný (Prague)

J. Saal (Düsseldorf)

N. Seloula (Caen)

M. Specovius (Kassel)

T. Takahashi (Nancy)

W. Varnhorn (Kassel)

P. Wittwer (Genève)

Financial support.

Université du Littoral "Côte d'Opale"

Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis

Fédération de Recherche Mathématique du Nord - Pas de Calais (FR 2956)


Paul Deuring, Université du Littoral "Côte d'Opale"

Serge Nicaise, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis

Werner Varnhorn, Universität Kassel

How to get to Calais by train.

The timetable of the French railway company SNCF may be consulted on the internet at

Calais has two train stations, "Calais Ville" and "Calais-Fréthun", with Calais-Fréthun located at the high-speed rail link between Paris and London. Fast trains ("TGV") arriving on this link, from Bruxelles or Paris via Lille-Europe, only stop at this latter station, which lies outside Calais in the countryside. There is only one exception, that is, the TGV from Paris stopping in Calais-Fréthun at 11:22 am. This train goes on to Calais Ville (arrival 11:32 am).

Your destination should be Calais Ville. So if you leave the train in Calais-Fréthun, you still have to go to Calais Ville. Every high-speed train stopping in Fréthun has a connection by local train to Calais Ville, with some rare exceptions, mostly at weekends. In these exceptional cases, there is a bus link ("navette"), which you can use with a train ticket to Calais Ville. When you arrive at Fréthun, you may find that bus by following the signs "exit" ("sortie") from the platform where you left your train. After one up (from the platform) and one down (into the building of the station) and another up (into the hall with the ticket counters), you have to leave the building from that hall. The bus will be right in front of you. Actually they do not send a real bus currently, but one or more smaller vehicles, usually of type "Ford Transit".

A taxi ride between Fréthun and Calais Ville costs about 20 euro.

As concerns changing trains in Lille, you have to know there are two main train stations in Lille, that is, Lille-Europe and Lille Flandres. The station Lille-Europe is exclusively a station for high-speed trains (TGV). If you go from there to Calais, you have to leave the train in Calais-Frethun, with the single exception mentioned above. The local trains to Calais leave from Lille Flandres, and go directly to Calais-Ville. It takes 5 minutes by foot to get from Lille-Europe to Lille Flandres. Usually it is no problem to find the way: there are signs, and you only have to follow the caravan of people changing between the two stations.

Where in Calais will the conference take place?

The conference will take place in room B014 on the campus "la Mi-Voix" of the Université du Littoral.

This room is located in the ground floor of the building connected to the low, round, red-brick tower on the campus (see below). When you enter this tower, B014 is the first room on the right-hand side.

Image of the building where the conference will take place.

Hotel Première Classe.

The participants of the conference will be accommodated in this hotel. It is located across the street from the train station Calais-Ville.

Address: 3 quai du Danube, 62100 Calais.

Telephone number: 03 21 96 10 10 (domestic), +33 3 21 96 10 10 (foreign).


If you come by car on the motorway A16 Dunkerque - Boulogne, you have to take exit 43 ("Guines, Blériot-Plage, Cité Europe Est"). Then, on the roundabout under the motorway, take the exit "Blériot-Plage, Plage" (the first exit if you left the A16 coming from Dunkerque). At the next roundabout after about 700 m, go straight on, and at the second another 700 m further on, turn right in the direction "Gare SNCF". After the underpass, turn sharply to the right. You will find yourself in front of the car park of the hotel.

How to get from Hotel Première Classe to the university.

There are two bus lines you may use. The first is line 4. You may take a bus of this line at the train station in the direction "Utrillo". Departure times are, for example, 8:09, 8:31, 8:51, 9:10, 9:39, 9:53, 10:15, 10:37, 10:59.

Expect a ride of about 15 minutes; the bus takes a very circuitous route through Calais. Leave the bus at the station "Vadez". You will find yourself at a four-lane street with a channel in the middle. The round, red-brick tower of the campus "la Mi-Voix" may be seen on the other side of the street. Follow the direction of the bus for about 100 m, then take the footbridge over the channel and go back to the red tower.

The other bus line you may take at the train station is line 2. Buses of this line also stop at the train station. The direction you have to choose is "C Cial Mi-Voix" ("Centre Commercial de la Mi-Voix"). Departure times are, for example, 8:06, 8:26, 8:43, 9:03, 9:23, 9:43.

Also expect a ride of about 15 minutes, although on a completely different route. Leave the bus at the stop "Grande Rue" (which actually is a rather narrow street). From there walk about 300 m straight further on in the direction the bus was driving when it arrived at the stop. Then you come to a roundabout, where you should turn right and go to the red-brick tower (200 m). The walking distance is longer than if you take the bus number 4.

If you like to walk from the hotel to the university, here is a route -- about 2 km long (30 minutes): Take the street in front of the train station in the direction of City Hall ("Hotel de Ville") (left-hand side when you stand in front of the hotel and look at the station). Cross the car park in front of City Hall, turn left and follow the rue Jean Jaurès for about 150 m. Then you come to a channel; turn right and follow this channel up to the lift bridge. There turn left and go over that bridge. Then, starting from the roundabout behind the bridge, you have to walk straight on, in a right angle to the channel, for about 1 km (avenue de Blériot). When reaching the traffic lights at the end of that kilometer, go straight on, across the street and across the bridge over the channel you find there. The "Centre Universitaire de la Mi-Voix" is on the left-hand side in front of you. Head for the low, round, red-brick tower at its distant right corner.

If you want to take a taxi from the hotel to the university, you find taxis at the train station across the street from the hotel. Ask to go to the "Restaurant Universitaire". It is located just in front of the red-brick tower. A ride costs about 8 euro.

If you want to take the car, leave the car park of the hotel in such a direction that the hotel is in your back. Follow the street which crosses the channel in front of you and then runs along that channel. Then take the next street to the right, recrossing that channel. You get to a traffic light; turn left at that light and go straight on for about 1 km. Then you arrive at another traffic light, where you should turn right. Drive for another 700 m up to the next traffic light. There turn left. You find yourself on a four-lane street with a channel in the middle, and the university at the other side of the street. Go straight on to the next traffic light (500 m), then turn left to cross the channel. You find yourself on a roundabout, where you may take the exit in the direction "Centre administratif". You will not get to a "Centre administratif", but to one of the car parks of the university (no permit necessary), and may leave your car there. To get to the lecture room B014, go to the building with the large, low, red-brick tower.

Where to buy some provisions.

Take the street in front of the train station, in the direction of City Hall ("Hotel de Ville") (left-hand side when you stand in front of the hotel and look at the station). Follow this street ("boulevard Jacquard") for about 700 m, over the roundabout and past the traffic light further on. Then you arrive at a mall ("Calais Coeur de Vie",, where you find a food supermarket ("Carrefour Market"). There is another shop ("Carrefour City"), which is smaller but closer to the hotel. To reach it, you again have to take the street in front of the train station. This time, turn right when you stand in front of the hotel and look at the train station. The shop - a small Carrefour market - is about 200 m further on, on the right-hand side.

How to get to the seashore.

Take the street in front of the train station, in the direction "Calais Nord" (right-hand side when you stand in front of the hotel and look at the station). Go straight on for about 800 m. Then the fishery port will be on your right and the marina on your left. After another 300 m straight on, past the apartment blocks on your left, you will arrive at the beach, with the ferry port on your right. If the air is clear, you can see the cliffs at Dover, on the other side of the Channel.

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